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Learn How to Paint Water in Watercolor: 3 Demos

Learn How to Paint Water in Watercolor: 3 Demos

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A Mesmerizing Subject

Water is always changing, always different. It can act as a mirror, reflecting its surroundings back at us, or it can be opaque and impossible to read; it can be calm or whipped up by weather, deep or shallow, sometimes it moves, sometimes it’s still. It flows through our literature, adding symbolism and meaning to everything we do; cleans us, soothes us, washes away our troubles, and yet, even a few drops of it in the lungs can be dangerous.

No wonder it’s a constant source of fascination to artists! With a subject so mutable, there is no end to the possibilities that come from painting it, and it’s an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Learn How to Paint Water in Watercolor

There are so many ways to approach the subject of water in your watercolor art, but sometimes, the simplest approaches are the best. In his art video, Improve Your Water Painting Techniques in Watercolor, Gordon MacKenzie demonstrates three approaches to the subject and shows that learning how to paint water can be fun, with achievable results right away. You’ll learn how to paint water flowing over rocks, add rays of light and fish to a rock pond using negative painting techniques, and cap it off with white-tipped waves in a seascape.

Gordon MacKenzie’s instruction is easy to follow, as CW testifies to: “Excellent water painting techniques taught in a nice simple manner.” –

Preview Improve Your Water Painting Techniques in Watercolor to learn how to paint water flowing around and over rocks with an easy watercolor painting technique, and get the full video, materials list, and more! Or, get the download!

Learning how to paint water means you’ll never lack for subject matter. So whenever you’re stuck for inspiration in your landscape art, why not find the nearest body of water?

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