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Drawings With Depth

Drawings With Depth

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Striking. As I browsed through the seventh edition of Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing, I found myself pausing on every page to take it all in–the details, the colors and the depth of the drawings. This edition features art that speaks to the theme of depth, dimension and space. The featured artists share their insights into the drawing techniques they used, as well as some background on the subject of their artwork. Today’s newsletter features Shadow Abby by Holly Siniscal, who has multiple works included in Strokes of Genius.

“With the soft sculpted silhouette of Abby’s shadow beside her on the wall, I wanted to capture the duality of her audacious spirit and vulnerability,” Holly says. “I used bold, rich complementary colors to match the intensity of her gaze and the sharp contours sculpted by shadow.

“I’ve been experimenting with different solvents to transform the waxy pencil into a more fluid and painterly appearance. The background was achieved through light pencil strokes, colorless blenders and lastly Bestine solvent, which creates that watercolor-like wash effect. The subject appears heightened with hyper-real detail against this loose expressionistic background.”

While there are many contemporary drawings in Strokes of Genius 7, you’ll see that there’s a wide variety of styles included. Now is the best time to get your copy, as it’s part of this Strokes of Genius collection that also includes Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing eBook and Drawing: The Complete Course, a new special interest publication that’s filled with drawing techniques for beginners to advanced artists.

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