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Is Art a Luxury?

Is Art a Luxury?

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Is Oil Painting Something You Need?

Lets talk about this term, luxury, first. A luxury is something that you dont really need, and by that definition, lots of things fall into this category.

We need shelter; we need protection from the elements; we need food; we need water; we need air. That being said, the shelter could be a hovel, and as long as it keeps us warm and dry, then anything more is a luxury.

Food? What we need is enough to sustain life–rice and beans should do the trick, but most of us prefer to go beyond that. Technically, the steak, potatoes, spinach salad along with the chocolate pie for dessert that you just might have eaten last week is a major, major luxury.

Do you see where Im going here? Anything that goes beyond what we truly need to sustain life can be defined as a luxury.

You need a car to get to work; fine. It doesnt have to be a Cadillac, but if it makes you happy when it is, and if you can afford it, why not?

You need a phone to do your job; it doesnt have to be cute and small and smarter than you are, but if it makes you happy when it is, and you can afford it, why not?

You want something on your wall that makes you smile and feel happy every time you look at it. Thats a painting. You dont eat it, wear it, or live inside it, so its technically a luxury, but if it makes you happy and you can afford it, why not?

And if you are one of the artists who creates these beautiful oil paintings, sculptures, watercolors, drawings,and the like, then stand tall and be proud of what you offer the world around you: a luxury, but a necessary one.


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