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Pastel Pencil Drawing Techniques for Beginners

Pastel Pencil Drawing Techniques for Beginners

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Improve your Drawing and Painting Techniques with Pastel Pencils

Get drawing and painting tips for finishing a portrait, working on a landscape painting, or capturing the exotic expressions of your favorite animals with the art videos of Colin Bradley, on You’ll also learn drawing and painting tips on choosing, layering, and blending colors to create your favorite subjects realistically, such as animals, landscapes and water.

Why Pastel Pencil Drawing?

If you like a medium that requires little mess and little set up, pastel pencils are a great way to begin. Pastel pencils combine the vibrant hues of pastels with the ease and precision of colored pencils. The medium neatly straddles the line of drawing and painting, allowing you to get fine lines and details for realistic results, as well as fantastic overall color.

With Colin’s pastel pencil drawing and painting techniques, you’ll pick up great tips for improving your own art, as well as capturing the expressions in human and animal faces. What a great way to get started!

Preview Tips and Techniques for Pastel Pencil now to learn how to paint a quick landscape painting, with tips for layering and blending in the sky and defining rocks in the foreground. Then, head over to for more from Colin Bradley, including this and his other full-length videos, materials lists, reviews, and more.

Want to learn more drawing and painting tips? has free art lessons for you, like how to shade using these pencil techniques.

Watch the video: Pastel pencil secrets everyone should know! (August 2022).