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Art, Passion, and How to Be the Artist You Are

Art, Passion, and How to Be the Artist You Are

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There are times when we compare ourselves to others, when we’re unsatisfied with our work, when we question why we’re even doing it to begin with. It’s human nature.

But there’s one thing that can keep artists from giving up, from putting away their tools of the trade and succumbing to the average life of those who don’t partake in something that creates discussion, beauty, or personal satisfaction: passion.

I don’t know about you, but I am nothing if I’m not passionate. I’m not a great artist by any means, and I even hesitate to call myself one. But others do, and I accept that with humble satisfaction. Recently I asked our Facebook fans to complete this sentence: I know I’m an artist because…

The answers blew me away. They were funny (paint under the fingernails all the time), sad (depression when one doesn’t paint), and insightful (to recognize art where others don’t). My heart ached with many of the answers because I could feel the passion that was written in these brief sentences.

Acrylic Painting With Passion is Tesia Blackburn’s newest book (available for pre-order). The title speaks of passion, but as you and I know, words can only go so far. It’s when I saw the art on the front cover that I sat back in my chair and whispered, “whoa.” This is a book by a passionate artist, for passionate artists. With chapters like “Fifteen What-Ifs” and “Letting the Brain Play,” I can see that it’s a treasure box of inspiration. Not to mention that it also covers techniques for acrylic and mixed media art. And the subtitle, Explorations for Creating Art that Nourishes the Soul, further wraps up what you’ll discover within the pages.

So when you find yourself questioning why you create art, take a deep breath, and celebrate the passion that keeps you going, that makes your blood flow. There’s no point in denying it to anyone, especially yourself. Be the artist you are. (If this statement speaks to you, share it on Twitter.)

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