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Drawing Lifelike Portraits with Lee Hammond

Drawing Lifelike Portraits with Lee Hammond

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In Drawing Lifelike Portraits with Lee Hammond, you’ll learn fantastic drawing techniques for creating a portrait step-by-step using blended pencil techniques. Sound easy? It takes more practice than you think, but with Lee’s techniques, you’ll get smooth, blended transitions from dark to the white of the paper with a little patience and practice.

We love this video because the drawing techniques and tips she gives are easy to incorporate into your own practice, and the results are almost immediate. You’ll learn not only how to draw eyes, nose and mouth, but how to create form through shadows and highlights, which won’t just improve your portraiture, but any drawing you create.

Then, you can watch the full streaming video at Lee credits the mechanical pencil as her key to success for precision drawing, along with 2B lead for tonal variation. Along with a few other tools for drawing, blending and erasing, her tools and techniques are easily accessible and can help anyone become a better portrait artist.

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