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Recycle Failed Watercolor Paintings Into Collage Elements

Recycle Failed Watercolor Paintings Into Collage Elements

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Never throw away failed watercolor paintings. Those pieces could
turn out to be resources for new collages, either as
backgrounds or as enhancements to watermedia paintings
that need a lift. Revisit your archives now and
then—especially when you’re stuck—to find something
you can resurrect as a collage. At the very least, you can
practice collage layering and glazing techniques without
endangering your current work-in-progress.

In this free download, respected author and teacher Nita Leland shares her method for using watercolor paintings as collage elements in four simple steps.

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In the April 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, Nita Leland demonstrates several techniques for combining watercolor and collage, including how to enhance a watercolor with collage, how to lay rice paper over watercolor and how to apply watermedia to rice paper.

For more tips on how to make original art using paper, color and texture, check out Nita Leland’s book New Creative Collage Techniques.


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