Pooh and Piglet Illustration Auctioned for $194,000

Pooh and Piglet Illustration Auctioned for $194,000

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NEW YORK-Bonhams 20th Century Illustration Art auction featured rare and new-to-market illustrations from numerous adored stories for children and adults alike, featuring drawings and illustrations by artists such as Ernest Howard Shepard, Arthur Szyk, Hilary Knight, Charles Schulz, and Garth Williams.

At $194,000 US, the top lot of the sale was E.H. Shepard’s highly recognizable image of Pooh and Piglet walking home into the sunset; it claimed the attention of bidders from all corners of the world. This poignant original illustration was used in the first edition of Winnie-the-Pooh and was the last image depicting the two famous characters before they turned back to toys.

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