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May I Introduce Frank Serrano?

May I Introduce Frank Serrano?

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Sunlit Birch by Frank Serrano, oil on canvas, 12 x 12.

Frank Serrano: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Contemporary landscape artist and plein air painter Frank M. After his success in the commercial field, in the early 1990s Serrano decided to pursue his passion for traditional oil painting and has since developed a strong following of admirers, both nationally and internationally.

Serrano, an avid outdoorsman, is recognized for his keen sense of atmospheric observation and his ability to spontaneously interpret his personal connection with nature on canvas. His popular instructional book Plein Air Painting in Oil (Walter Foster Publishing, Laguna, California) has served as a handbook to budding plein air artists and collectors since 2003, and he is also featured in Walter-Fosters latest book The Art of Oil Painting. Since August of 2006 Serrano has served as plein air-painting consultant for Walt Disney Studios.

Serrano travels widely throughout North America painting scenes from the desert Southwest to the beautiful high-country vistas of the Canadian Rockies. A hallmark of Serranos work is his unique talent for capturing the hazy atmosphere characteristic of the West. Serrano cites early landscape artist Sam Hyde Harris as a major influence in his work.

Painting on location enriches my life, and the paintings do not exist as mere pictures, but as a journal through which I can express all my senses, the artist says. Although the majority of Serranos paintings are done on location alla prima, he also works in his studio creating larger paintings from his outdoor sketches. He believes the only way to learn to paint is from life.

Serrano is an artist-member of the California Art Club, for which he served as a chairman of the Gold Medal Juried Exhibitions of 2004, 2005, and 2006. He is represented by Maureen Murphy Fine Arts, in Santa Barbara, California; Cody Fine Art, in Wyoming; and Collectors Covey, in Dallas. For more information on Serrano, visit his website.

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