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Jens Picks: Bristle Brushes for Watercolor Painting?

Jens Picks: Bristle Brushes for Watercolor Painting?

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Bristle Brushes for Watercolor Paintings?

Art instruction author and artist Sterling Edwards has a reputation for luminous, loose landscapes…and a particular fondness for using bristle brushes to create them.

The day Sterling Edwards watched an artist paint an entire sky with three deft brushstrokes was the day he committed to trading his tiny oil brushes and photorealistic style in favor of big, bold strokes of watercolor. In the years since, he’s developed not only a wonderfully fresh, luminous painting style, but also an approach that takes the intimidation out of this beautiful but often-mystifying medium.

In addition to an easy-to-follow four-step process for painting, Sterling’s use of bristle brushes help manipulate and control the paint. Large shapes, small shapes…no problem, use a bristle brush. Need a heavy application of color…a bristle brush can do that too.

Watch this clip from’s Luminous Watercolor: The Evening Landscape DVD to see how Sterling puts bristle brushes to use.

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Check out Sterling’s North Light book, Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes: A Four-Step Process, for more great instruction and ways to use bristles and other more commonly-accepted watercolor brushes to create beautiful paintings.

To learn more about Sterling’s DVDs visit or…
Click here to preview Luminous Watercolor with Sterling Edwards: The Evening Landscape.

Click here to preview Luminous Watercolor with Sterling Edwards: The Wooded Landscape.

Sterling loves bristle brushes so much that he’s even created a line of his own. You can find out more about Sterling Edwards Blending and Glazing stiff bristle brushes here (they also work for acrylics).


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