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Learn to Paint What You Seenot what you think you see

Learn to Paint What You Seenot what you think you see

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Your Artist’s Brain
By Carl Purcell
Improving your drawings and paintings can be as simple as learning how to trust your eyes. In Your Artist’s Brain you’ll learn to portray even the most complex subjects by focusing on what you really see–not what you think you see.

Expert art instructor Carl Purcell shows you how to overcome dependency on the “intellectual brain” and listen carefully to the more observant “artist’s brain.” This compilation of the best tips and techniques from his previously published books (Drawing with Your Artist’s Brain and Painting with Your Artist’s Brain) will show you how to overcome artistic obstacles.

Your Intellectual Brain
Takes shortcuts.
Sees a “tree,” “face,” “pear.”
Separates the view into small, unrelated pieces.
Makes drawing and painting feel like work.

Your Visual Brain
Enjoys the scenery.
Views the world in terms of shapes and edges.
Ties everything together with unifying value patterns.
Makes drawing and painting fun!

In Your Artist’s Brain you’ll learn visual skills and techniques that will make you a better artist, no matter what your medium. Easy examples, fun exercises, and lots of demonstrations focus on shapes, values, designing great compositions and more.

About Carl
Carl Purcell has taught fine art at the college level for over 25 years and is a popular workshop instructor. He is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and has received numerous awards for his watercolors. His work appears in many corporate and private collections. Visit Carl’s website for more tips on how to See Like an Artist–Draw Paint Like a Pro!


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