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George and Emily Thompson Studio Tour

George and Emily Thompson Studio Tour

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After living and working for years in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan as editorial illustrators and graphic designers, nine years ago George and Emily Thompson found a larger studio space at a terrific price in an old farmhouse on a 1-1/2-acre lot in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Their studio is in the renovated attic on the third floor.

This photo shows the small barn behind the house, a rustic space for weekly life-drawing sessions. They talk about adding a small gallery area in this structure someday.

George built the bin on wheels (in the back corner behind his easel) for his drawings and portfolios. You can also see handmade storage racks for frames and paintings along the walls.

Emily’s desk sits near one of the two 3×3-foot skylights they had installed.

Here’s a view of their library and the original arched windows, which do open.

Another photograph of more storage space—you can never have too much!

A shot of George’s desk, near the other skylight.

Emily and George Thompson met when they were both art directors for the advertising department at Bloomingdale’s. Both have had successful careers as editorial illustrators, working for numerous nationally known publications. As an award-winning graphic designer, Emily presently works for clients all over the United States. She has exhibited her plein-air and abstract works, which now are part of private collections throughout the Northeast. Today George works primarily as a fine artist; his landscapes and portraits have been recognized for their lush color and brash energy. He runs weekly life drawing and painting sessions and teaches classes and workshops. Learn more about these two artists at and

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