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Articles on Art Law

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Use this quick-reference guide to find articles about art law and copyright that have appeared in Magazine.

Note: Copyright laws are subject to change. These articles reflect the laws in effect at the time they were written.

What every artist should know about copyright
How can I get copyright protection for my artwork?

Copyright duration
May I sell a photo of a 200-year-old etching?

Copying artwork
May I copy other artists’ work if I don’t intend to sell it?

Copying photos
Is there a statute of limitations on a photographer’s rights?

Fair use defined
How does fair use apply to art copyright law?

Photo releases
Do I need written permission from the people I paint?

Copyright law and structures
Is architecture protected by copyright?

Painting homes in public view
Do I need permission from the homeowner?

Trade dress protection
How do I find out if a building’s image is protected?

Trademarks and logos
May I paint a building with a sign or logo?

Work-for-hire agreement
When is the copyright of a painting completely transferred?

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