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Are the following statements true or false?
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1. Leonardo Da Vinci kept thousands of pages of notes and sketches that anticipated major inventions and scientific discoveries, including the printing press and blood circulation theories.

2. Michelangelo completed his first major work—the Pieta—at age 23.

3. The invention of oil painting is credited to Jan van Eyck—the artist who painted Arnolfini Wedding.

4. Vincent van Gogh completed more self-portraits than any artist before him.

5. When it was first exhibited, Edvard Munch’s The Scream was so controversial that the exhibit was closed.

6. The sculptor of Mount Rushmore—Gutzon Borglum—once said the monument was more significant than the great Egyptian pyramids.

7. Noted artist George Bellows gave up a career in professional baseball to be a painter.

8. Norman Rockwell detested the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock.

9. Oil paintings brought Edward Hopper his first real success as an artist.

10. James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s famous piece Whistler’s Mother is really titled Arrangement in Gray and Black No. 1.

The Answers
1. True
2. True
3. False. His brother Hubert van Eyck is credited with the invention.
4. Rembrandt did more.
5. True
6. True
7. True
8. Rockwell admired them.
9. His first success came as a watercolorist.
10. True

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